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A New Wave of Restorationism?


This November, Great Lakes Christian College hosted its first annual Restoration Appreciation Week. The event was designed to foster…

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Endangered Gospel is available...


With an official publication date of May 31, Endangered Gospel is finally here!

You can purchase a copy from the publisher and even read…

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New website for Endangered Gospel


I have a new website up to promote the forthcoming "Endangered Gospel" book. It includes a blog that I will contribute to somewhat…

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Beyond Pacifism and Militarism


How should Christians really think about war? Too often we are led to believe there are only two options:

* Pacifist Idealism: war is…

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Endangered Gospel


Many of you know I wrote a book over my sabbatical last Spring. Well the book is finally in the hands of the publisher and should be…

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Recent Writings

Why We Need a New Wave of Restorationism

11/04/2016  Unpublished

The Restoration Movement doesn't seem to be moving much anymore. Many adherents to this tradition are uncertain as to why it exists and why it should continue to exist. This essay tells the story of how we got to this point, explains why the Restoration Movement is still relevant, and charts a course forward. If we wish to remain relevant, we cannot continue on our current path. We need a new wave of restorationism.

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Voting for God's Kingdom

08/22/2016  Think Christian

In this brief article I highlight the important distinction Scripture makes between the function of the state and the role of God's people. Because of this, God holds the state accountable for different things than he does his own people. This should impact how Christians approach voting. 

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Are You Voting Christianly or Christendomly?

08/05/2016  Think Christian

In this brief article I discuss why using the electoral process to retain or recover Christian privilege is not the same as voting Christianly. 

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